A Sanctuary - For Survivors of Abuse

A Sanctuary.net LLC

Welcome Survivors, Family & Friends, and Professionals.

Our History

How we came into being

Sometime ago, survivor of abuse and sexual assault from five different attackers through their life searched the internet for support.

There were a huge number of sites that quotes statistics, articles, and a professional outlay of information.

What they didn't find was any site that was appealing to the eye, "down to earth", with a friendly layout.

This brought into existence,
"A Sanctuary.net LLC - A place to finally heal from the effects of abuse / assault, or learn what someone may be going throughTM ".

Our Mission

How we aim to help others

Still under construction ~ This is difficult due to our disability.

We The People

Justice within our forum

After A Sanctuary was in place, Your Sanctuary, our forum, was created and it is clear that suggestions are always welcomed.

For example, although the Administrative Team has the "right" to edit, or delete a member's post or reply, we have put in place an appeal process that is outlined in the public area of the forum.

Once appealed, after looking into the "problem", the Administrative Team will render a decision. If it is found that the editing or deletion was not justified, said edit or deletion will be "undone".

Currently working on this area

Here you will find
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Working on this area as well

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Ready to move on?     Choose the area below that will be most beneficial to you.

For Survivors


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Our area designed for survivors of abuse is designed to be comforting with a soft blue background and safe by
providing a quick/emergency exit that will immediately take you to the latest fashions on Google.

Our Specialty Forum


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Your Sanctuary, is specialized to
> help
other survivors,
> be accomodating for Family & Friends, and Professionals (each area is separate).
It has a house-like layout is easy to navigate and why we say "Welcome Home".

Family & Friends


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An area designed for Family & Friends that is intended to help you to understand;

> From the many challenges that survivors face, to
> How to be supportive and reassuring, and
> Find out the things you should or should not say.

For Professionals

blue crystal

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We put this together with a crisp and clean look, much like your office.

Here we will offer you a different viewpoint of the lives, thoughts, and the beliefs of survivors, and their
Family & Friends.

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